Retell Lecture

Retell Lecture Description!

You will hear a short lecture and is expected to re-tell the lecture in his/her own words. A short lecture of up to 90 seconds will be played and you are given 40 seconds to re-tell the lecture. The lecture can be from a wide range of topics and may also include interview conversations. Some of the lectures will be accompanied with an image. Once the lecture is played, you will have 10 seconds to gather his/her thoughts before the microphone opens. There will 3-4 such task types in the PTE academic test.

Skills assessed:

Listening: you have to listen carefully to the lecture and try to identify the main point of the lecture, certain other details to support the main point, the tone of the speaker etc. You must be able to comprehend the meaning that the speaker is trying to convey, both implicit and explicit.
Speaking; Oral fluency and pronunciation is tested here. You should be able to summarize the lecture in 40 seconds, put forth the main points of the lecture and provide supporting details from the lecture. Test taker should have clear flow thoughts and should speak fluently.


Most of the lectures will be accompanied by an image. you will have 3 seconds before the lecture begins. So try to look at the image and anticipate what the lecture might be about.
Listen carefully to the lecture and note down the main point of the lecture.
Do not try to write complete sentence as you might miss out on the critical points. Note down the main words and some linking symbol like arrows. This will help in framing the sentence while summarizing the lecture.
You will have 10 seconds to organize your thoughts and frame a structure before the microphones opens. So quickly start with the main point and provide few supporting details to the main point.
Try and conclude by 38 seconds. You could lose points if there is an incomplete sentence when the microphone closes.
Don’t rush through at the last to add more details. Speak calmly and don’t panic if you have said something incorrect. Continue speaking without pausing for more than 3 seconds. Fluency carries more weightage than the content.


Create your own shorthand writing for taking down note during the lecture.
Find short speeches/ lectures on the internet which have transcripts and practice summarizing the lectures.
Time yourself such that you don’t extend till the end moment.
Record your response and play it back. This will help in rectifying your mistakes.

Retell Lecture Formula / Formate :

Main focus must be on fluency and pronunciation, however, unlike Describe image, contents matter here, so it is good to cover more contents with the help of noting down keywords from the speaker’s speech.

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PTE Retell Lecture Formate

Retell Lecture Formate / Formula

1. The speaker spotlights the detailed picture of....topic here....
2. If we investigate the speech in detail we can find that.... 1st key point.
3. With a further analysis, it is evident that..... 2nd key point...
4. Furthermore, the speaker gives a pertinent example of .....if any support his viewpoint.
5. Apart from all the aforementioned points, he highlights that.... 3rd key point...