PTE Repeat Sentence

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Repeat Sentence Description!

Note: There is no tone before the microphone opens. So start speaking as soon as you see the blue bar.

A short sentence will played and you have to repeat the same sentence. The sentence will played after 3 seconds. Once the audio is completed you have to repeat the sentence. Each sentence will be of 3-9 seconds long and you will have 15 seconds to repeat the sentence. If the speaker remains quiet for more than 3 seconds the microphone will close and you will not be allowed to record the sentence. There will be 10-12 tasks of this type.

Skills assessed:

Listening: You should be able to understand the sentence, make note of the stress, variations and intonations while the sentence is played.
Speaking: You are expected to repeat the sentence that has been played. He/She should be able to replicate the variations, stress and the intonations of the audio that was played.


You will have 3 seconds before the audio is played. So be ready and pay careful attention to the sentence.
Do not try to write down the sentence as there is not much time.
Pay attention to the way in which speaker groups the words, the intonations and try to copy it.
Wait for the microphone to open. Don’t be in a hurry to repeat the sentence.
Repeat every word you hear I the same order. Don’t panic if you can’t remember. Just say what you heard.
Don’t try to correct in case you have repeated the sentence incorrectly as you might lose points on the oral fluency.
Speak fluently and don’t try to copy the accent of the speaker.


Try to repeat short sentences that you hear, example, repeat the ads that you hear or request a friend to read a sentence and you can repeat the sentence.
Focus on the grammar of the sentence. This will help you in repeating the sentence better.
In case there are words that you don’t understand, look them up in dictionary while practicing. This will help on the test day.
Listen to speeches and pause at regular intervals so that you can repeat the sentence.
Focus on words where the speaker is stressing and try to copy it. Speaking fluently will help in getting higher score.

Latest PTE Repeat Sentences:

The Maximum production of chocolate is in U.S.
Industrial development will enhance the economy.
The conference has to be scheduled before two weeks in advance.