PTE Answer Short Questions

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Answer Short Questions

Answer Short Questions Description!

you will hear a short question which will range from 3-9 seconds. You are expected to provide an answer in one word or few words. you will have 10 seconds to respond to the question. The question will be mostly general knowledge type question which will have a single word response. Approximately 10-12 tasks of this task type will be present in the PTE Academic test.

Skills assessed:

Listening: You will have listen to the question carefully and think quickly as there is no time gap after the question is complete. This task type is of very short duration. Hence you have to pay very close attention to the question as it will not be repeated.
Speaking: You are expected to provide answer in a single word or few words. Here your ability to respond appropriately and under timed conditions is tested.


Concentrate on the question. You have 3 seconds before the question audio is played. Since the question is very short and there is no time gap after the question is played, extra attention is required.
Don’t get excited and answer immediately after the question is completed. Wait for the microphone to open before answering.
Focus on the question word like what, why, who, where etc. This will help you with your answer.
Don’t panic if you are not sure or aware of the answer. Try to guess the answer and ensure you don’t provide a lengthy answer.
In case you make a mistake or say the wrong answer, correct your response as the score is for correct word or words.


Try to find general knowledge questions on the internet and learn as much as possible.
If you not familiar with the word or the pronunciation, use dictionary to find the meaning and speech software or a website which will help in the pronunciation.
Practice listening to short questions as this help in increasing your concentration.